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  • There Is No God (Бога Нет) Pigeon - Vinyl Sticker

There Is No God (Бога Нет) Pigeon - Vinyl Sticker

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‘Бога Нет’ – Cosmonaut Yuriry Garagin (during his first space orbit). Translation: There is no God. This Valentine’s day, give the love of your life what they really want: a soviet-inspired Atheist pigeon sticker.


(Because one bird alone may not slay capitalist pig-dogs, but toucan!)

75mm tall, illustrated and printed locally.

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Laura Johnstone
Best stickers ever

I’ve bought Carla’s stickers previously, and they’re such good quality. I’ve had some on my drink bottle for 4 years now and they’ve not faded or ripped even a little bit. This one is so good and perfect for a gift for someone who will appreciate it


I absolutely love this sticker it’s so great like everything else in this store. The quality is amazing and it looks so good on the back of my phone even after having it for over a year! Plus who wouldn't want an atheist space pigeon friend?